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  • General Information
    - The Engine Room will operate as a bar with customers sat at tables of no more than 6 people, in line with current Government guidelines. Customers will stay at their tables other than to go to the toilet or the smoking area. Staff will take orders from the customers at the table and take drinks to the customers. There will be no service from the bar area. - The Engine Room is a student only bar. You will be required to show your uni ID or a logged in BU app on the door for entry - All tables will need to be pre-booked in advance. If tables are available customers will be allowed in on a first come first serve basis. Queuing outside for tables to become available will not be permitted. - Music will be played at a back ground level so as not to encourage raised voices, shouting or singing. - Staff will be required to wear a mask at all times. Customers will be required to wear masks on entry and when walking around inside the venue but can take them off when sat at their tables. - Customers will be required to register through the NHS app for track and trace. These details will be kept for 3 weeks in line with current Government guidelines. Signage will be displayed on entry to the venue, detailing the rules and procedures customers have to follow. Customers will have to agree to follow the rules that are in place before being shown to their tables. There will be additional signage on the tables to reinforce the rules and signage at the toilets and smoking area with rules in place for these areas. - Arrows will be placed on the floor to show customers which way they can travel around certain parts of the venue on their way to their tables, to the toilets and to the smoking area. Some parts of sinks, urinals and some cubicles will be marked as not in use to ensure social distancing is in place where required. - Each table will accommodate up to 6 people. Tables will be arranged to ensure that there is minimum of 2 meters between each group. Where this is not possible mitigation will be in place for 1m+. This will involve screens in between booths or where this is not possible, booths will be made unavailable for customers. - Hand sanitiser will be given to all customers on entry to the venue. All tables and chairs will be cleaned before each group arrive at the tables and once they have left. Toilets will be cleaned every 30 minutes with particular attention given to door handles, cubicle locks, toilet flushes, taps and toilet seats.
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